A Song's Silhouette

Y vuelve a comenzar el debate entre la razón y el corazón.

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Inka & Niclas - Watching Humans Watching, 2008-10

Human experience lives in the supranatural space between solid realities and phantasmic imaginings. Mind and eye vie, play, and ultimately blur as matter turns to memory, and memory affects encounters. These are the transformative moments when fantasy magics the tangible into the metaphysical.

A surprise of great beauty; an exhilarating, fearful moment; rapt awe; and a happy conversation between a human and nature is revealed in sweeping tableaus, lush color fields, and small, but undeniably engaged individuals, couples, and groups. Whether deeply involved in the conversation, or expectant that it will happen, the subjects bare a desire for this connection.

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nice url did ur mom pick it out for u


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Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value. ― Albert Einstein (via psych-quotes)

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My Bitch Brenda ! (Appreciation Post)

Regina Hall is a comedic genius and a Goddess. 

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thousands of flower petals covering a town, blasted from a neighboring volcano in Costa Rica.

photographed by Nick Meek

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